About Silk Bone Jewels

Silk Bone was born out of an old country house after having a distinct feeling of clarity. As so with many wonderful events, Silk Bone came as a creative expression of self care after an overwhelming feeling of defeat in a long standing pursuit for a desire that, seemingly, would not be fulfilled. I took to making jewelry, as a long time dream, and put it to action to help bring love to myself, without having to answer to an authority on whether or not I was living in the right way. From there, Silk Bone grew as an expression of self love, healing, beauty, and strength in overcoming obstacles. A few months after making jewelry and riding my path of self healing, my long standing desire came true. I moved down South, to Charleston, South Carolina, only to prove that a little self care, strength and set intentions can change your life. 

I am a one-gal operation: constantly creating, designing, updating, maintaining, photographing, shipping, and business making. I thrive on hard work, staying busy, and keeping my hands working on forever creating. Thank you for taking a look!

- Natalie