Delicately Crafted

About the Artist


Collections are compiled of many individually handcrafted pieces with one stone that holds the consistency between each jewel. Each collection has deep symbolic meaning that is inspired by the stone itself. 


"This necklace is even more beautiful in real life than it was in the picture. The moonstone ring is another SilkBone purchase and I can't wait to get more. If you're reading reviews to decide whether or not to purchase something - get it. You won't regret it!" - Jane

"This ring is amazing, I can't think of any other way to describe it. It has easily become my favorite and most prized piece of jewelry and I own many beautiful pieces. The workmanship and thought that went into this is immeasurable. If you're on the fence about something, you'll be sorry you didn't get it before someone else does. I'm sooo happy that this ring is mine!! I'll definitely be back for more. Thank you so much!!! :)" -Jessica

"Incredible beyond measure. I wish there were more pieces like this one. Truly words cannot describe how amazing and beautiful I feel when I wear this piece, high vibrational and universal truth and wisdom wash over me, as if the moon itself is a goddess radiating off my chest from this stone. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Please make more!!!" -Whitney